Make your WiFi for work you

Give your customer access to fast, secure, WiFi via a simple "like", "tweet" or a "follow". Each time they come back you can prompt them to check-in, share an offer with their friends or write something on their wall or you can automatically do it on their behalf. You also take them to exactly what you want them to see. It could be your Facebook, a promotion, access to coupons, a loyalty program or an app download – it's up to you.

3 Simple steps 3 Simple steps

Get the right fans

Gone are the days of blindly racing to get the most followers, you want to bring your customers on board as fans. SocialFi gets your brand to the people that matter – your customers and their likeminded friends, followers and connections.

Get social Get social

1 Like = 240 potential new customers
Source: Facebook September 2012


Source: Syncapse 2013

Your fans are your future

In depth 2013 research by Syncapse calculated the average value of a single Facebook fan at more than $170. Fans are proven to spend more, share good brand experiences and pass on promotions to their friends. Attract, reward and retain them with SocialFi.

Understand your fans

Our easy to use analytics tell you about your customers – their age, gender, location, email address, device and even how influential they are. It also tells you when they visited, how long and how often and if they have stopped visiting you. Use this information to reward them with loyalty programs and real-time tailored offers or combine it with your existing relationship management systems to create a holistic view of your customer base.

visitors and facebook demographics
graphic of total social awereness
visitors duration and devices graphic

Save time and grow your business

You' ll find a number of useful social media management tools such as the ability to manage your social media in one place.

Plus, generate coupons for promotions and send them to your most loyal customers – it' s easy with SocialFi.

Start spreading the news

Size doesn' t matter. Got a killer dish of the day? Get your fans to tell all their Facebook friends. Got a sweet accommodation deal? Get coupons to your loyal customers. Whether you' re a pop-up cafe or a five-star hotel, we can extend the warm glow of your satisfied customers beyond the walls of your business.

Creating a promotion voucher example